Slick Line Services

Slickline services from Tri Energy– manage well intervention applications efficiently to increase productivity. A well must undergo essential intervention applications throughout its lifespan. A slickline, a single strand of wire that is used to run through wellbore, is used to perform these interventions efficiently. Our slickline services can be used for a variety of well intervention applications, from basic completions to advanced technology services, helping to ensure that your well remains as productive as possible

Our slickline units are used throughout the life of a well – during initial completion, maintenance and production. They can be used for:

Total depth tagging

Gauge ring runs

Broach tubing/plunger installations

Bailing sand and debris

Shifting sleeves

Setting/pulling plugs and chokes

Setting/pulling gas lift valves

Running tailpipes

Bottom hole pressure and temperature surveys

Spinner surveys

Sand cutting and caliper

Fishing operations

Paraffin cutting